Top Ten Things You Can Do With Your Own Name

Here it is, the most fun you can have with your own Name!

10. Change your name by deed pole - It's a laugh

9. Find out the actual meaning of your name - Behind The Name
Sandra is a short form of Alexandra which means defender of mankind, Dee means river.

8. Find out what your name would be if you were born in another part of the world, or discover your witchy or transformer name. - Random Name Generator
My new name:- Gears Silverbolt Tawanda

7. Work out your Jedi name - For the first part of the name take the first three letters of your last name, then the first two letters of your first name. For the second part, take the first three letters of your Mother's maiden name and the first two letters of the Town where you were born.
My Jedi name:- Sim Sa Simab

6. Work out your Middle Earth, Hobbity/Warlock name - Use the name that your friends most commonly call you (ie. short names or nick names) and simply say it backwards!
My Middle Earth name:- Yednas

5. Work out your Hollywood star name - Take the name of your most recent pet, and your last address (streetname).
My Hollywood name:- Dylan Shearwater

4. Work out your porn star name - Take the name of your first childhood pet then the streetname of your first address.
My porn star name:- Dangermouse Wellgrove!

3. Discover your Vulcan name - Take the first three letters of your name, then add a T' in front of it if you are a girl and a Tu in front of it if you are a boy.
My Vulcan name:- T'San :o)

2. Trace your family tree - Genes Reunited - It's even more exciting than it sounds!

1. Google Your own name! - - Type your own name into this search engine and find references to your name across the internet!

My name accross the world:-
sandra dee is an icon for wholesomeness
sandra dee is simply the character depicted in "grease
sandra dee is you must be from the 50's
sandra dee is lying if she says it was me
sandra dee is somewhat like being closeted in a cement mixer filled with feathers
sandra dee is that her paradoxes seem right
sandra dee is a very outgoing and alert little dog
sandra dee is?
sandra dee is the creature's prey
sandra dee is an unwed
sandra dee is pursued by dean stockwell
sandra dee is a feminist icon
sandra dee is perfect as the innocent virgin chosen to be the unwilling host mother for the rebirth

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